Gray Haven partners with criminal justice, behavioral health, and social service agencies. We work closely with community-based organizations to provide residents with educational and vocational opportunities. Our approach is whole-person, resident-centered. Our staff collaborates with residents, families, and caregivers to ensure that their voices are heard.

Gray Haven welcomes referrals for adults ages 18-59 years old with a mental health diagnosis and history of involvement with the criminal justice system. We do not accept individuals who have committed sexual offenses, arson, or crimes against or involving a minor. We do not accept individuals who pose a risk of danger to themselves or others. Referrals to Gray Haven may occur upon someone’s release from jail, prison, or a state hospital. Applicants may be under court-ordered community supervision, incarcerated and pending imminent release, or recently released from incarceration or a state hospital. Gray Haven welcomes referrals from families of eligible individuals.

If you are a criminal justice professional and know someone who may benefit from our program please contact us at:
(707) 927–3296.