About Us

Gray Haven is a nonprofit providing supervised and supportive residential care, behavioral health services, life skills training and wellness programming to adults with mental health challenges and a history of incarceration.

Staff who bring their clinical expertise and lived experience work with our residents, caregivers, and community partners to plan, implement, monitor, and support residents as they transition to wellbeing and independence. Residents learn new life skills and prosocial behaviors at their own pace in a safe, serene environment. They are encouraged to participate in an array of enjoyable and skill-enhancing social and recreational activities in a place they can call home. Residents' estimated lengths of stay at Gray Haven can range from 18 months or longer, depending upon readiness to live independently.

Located in beautiful Napa Valley, Gray Haven is situated on the grounds of the recently restored Yount Mansion built in 1884 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Our Mission

Gray Haven's mission is to provide compassionate reentry support to individuals living with mental health challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which everyone living with mental health challenges has access to treatment and support enabling them to lead independent lives with dignity.

Our Values


We prioritize safety on and off the premises. Every element of Gray Haven, from facilities to programming, was designed with safety in mind. Intake involves extensive screening and review. Our licensed and credentialed staff have significant experience supporting this vulnerable population.

Customized Treatment

Our treatment plans take into account the unique personalities and diverse background of each individual. We look at the whole person, not just a diagnosis. Individualized treatment plans incorporate personal goals, values, and cultural frameworks.

Earned Independence

We encourage and reward commitment, hard work, and perseverance leading to increased degrees of independence. Residents commit fully to their recovery and development while learning and practicing self-care and prosocial skills.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships play an important role in our wellbeing. Our community provides daily opportunities for social interactions and relationship development in a relaxed and enjoyable home environment.

Our Story

Arising out of a deep love for their son, our founders set out on a journey to learn more about what might help him, and others like him, who struggle with serious mental health challenges and involvement in the criminal justice system. They recognized an existing gap between release from incarceration and successful, sustained reentry for those with mental health diagnosis. As is well-document, formerly incarcerated persons with mental illness face significant barriers to obtaining safe and stable housing. Through the profound compassion and extraordinary generosity of our founders, Gray Haven has become a reality in Napa County.