Our Team

Vulnerable individuals caught at the intersection of mental health, substance misuse and legal infractions have complex needs and require specialized support. Our treatment team includes a program director, board-certified psychiatrist, licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner, licensed psychiatric technicians, reentry support specialists, and other qualified experts and practitioners.


Patricia Gray, PsyD, J.D.

Executive Director

Patricia Gray, PsyD, J.D.

Dr. Gray is an expert and thought leader in the area of mental health and criminal justice involvement. Dr. Gray is an attorney, forensic consultant, professional mediator, and retired Criminal Trial Court Judge. She holds a doctorate in psychology. Early in her career she worked as a psychiatric technician in California State Hospitals. Combining legal, forensic, and psychiatric expertise, Dr. Gray provided consultation to federal and state courts, government agencies and legal advocates. Dr. Gray also assisted federal courts in negotiating and monitoring post settlement consent decree compliance in the areas of correctional and institutional mental health. As a state trial court judge, Dr. Gray convened a team of mental health professionals, law enforcement, lawyers, and probation staff to open the first mental health court in Northern California in 1998 in order to address the high recidivism rates of incarcerated individuals diagnosed with mental illness. Dr. Gray has devoted much of her career to advocating for those living with mental health challenges who are caught in the criminal justice system.

Naja Boyd

Program Director

Naja W. Boyd, PysD.

Dr. Boyd has merged a career in affordable housing and behavioral mental health. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and has worked as a mental health advocate with multiple non-profit organizations throughout the bay area.

Dr. Boyd brings an operational perspective to Gray Haven and has a collaborative leadership style positioning teams to succeed and encourage engagement through communication, recognition, and rewards.

Natalie Woods

Clinical Supervisor

Natalie Woods

Natalie has always enjoyed the population we serve at Gray Haven. After 30 years of nursing, Natalie continues to have the same love for helping those that are often the most vulnerable and misunderstood in our society.

As Clinical Supervisor, she helps residents reach their goal of independence and re-entry into the community by teaching the importance of medication compliance and the role that it plays in mental health and stability.

Natalie appreciates the strong collaborative efforts of the Gray Haven Psychiatrist, clinical staff, and residents to achieve the ultimate goal of independence and re-entry.

Sacia Novak

Therapist & Case Manager

Sacia Novak, LCSW

Sacia Novak is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who has over 30 years of experience working with people who struggle with forensic mental health challenges.  She began her professional career with internships at the California Youth Authority, Napa State Hospital and at an adult mental health program in England.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, she continued her work at Napa State Hospital for decades, where she provided clinical services and treatment to patients that were committed to the hospital on civil and criminal commitments.  For years she prepared patients for a safe and successful re-entry into our communities and now she has joined our program to continue her life work with the residents of Gray Haven.


Our Program Director oversees all facilities, programs, and services. The Director ensures safety and compliance with state and county rules and regulations; hires, trains, and provides guidance to staff; coordinates with partners; and facilitates support services.

Our Board-Certified Psychiatrist and licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner provide medication expertise, education, training, monitoring, management, and oversight.

Our Licensed Psychiatric Technicians and vocational nurses implement and oversee services and activities, monitor the behavior and appearance of residents, execute treatment plans, encourage resident participation, compliance, and communication, and facilitate the self-administration of medication.

Our Reentry Coaches encourage and support residents to participate in all milieu-based activities and follow directions from medical and clinical staffing, and communicate concerns and/or ongoing challenges to superiors.